Welcome to my personal dashboard

This site is a mix of a Nameplate Site and a live dashboard. I really like the infographic look and feel of re.vu, but I'm looking for something that can pull in real-time data from more sources. In this current version, all date is entered via a web interface, mostly on iPhone, but I have plans to add some automated data sources like RSS, Site Scraping, twitter, etc.

Dashboards give you real time feedback, letting you know if you are on track to meet goals, and that is the purpose of this site. Publicly announcing goals and tracking their progress is great motivation to help you do things that you really want to do.

Monthly Goals

  • Complete my Personal Dashboard
  • Upgrades and Adwords to BLW
  • Completion of Scoville Labs Website
  • Release of first iOS application
  • Spend 40 Hrs on Scoville projects

Yearly Goals

  • Run Half-Marathon
  • Race in 2 Triathlons
  • Completion of StartupPhone.com
  • Release 2 iOS applications
  • Weight down to 200Lbs
Times I Ran This Month
Hours Spent on Projects
Current Weight